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Finding Peace

Hi, I am Brent Berman, welcome to my website. I am a therapist in private practice and help clients in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach as well as Martin County.

In my practice I serve a variety of clients, from individuals to kids and their families. My biggest objective is to help my clients understand how the stress and past traumas are interfering with living the life they most desire. My approach is holistic and I believe in treating not just the symptoms but also what clients can do in a positive, practical way to enhance their lives.

My approach is very concrete. I want to empower my clients to take ownership of their life. In therapy they learn how to bring more love and greater joy into their lives. In our sessions we often talk about simple ways to improve confidence, self-love, daily coping skills and even forgiveness so there’s less focus on what’s wrong and more awareness of what’s RIGHT.

For some, that means investigating what has occurred in the past and finding ways to recover from old hurts and wounds. In cases like this, I use a variety of techniques from EMDR to TIR to reprocess the trauma so healing can take place. I am a certified Bereavement Care Provider and help clients who have lost a child or lived through the suicide of a loved one.

Many of my clients also have co-occurring addictions and we work on those as well. For some, the areas of concern are alcohol or drugs, others have issues around eating and self-esteem. I created a recovery program that is a non 12-step model called Transformative Recovery. Instead of focusing only on the “program”, we also focus on the underlying reasons the addictions were needed. I replace the client's “drug of choice” with new skills that support living their best life.

I also incorporate mindfulness training, breathing, and meditation to help people find balance and connect to their source. I believe that change is an action and not an intellectual idea. And as such, I track progress and help clients create a positive routine that works for them; something that is actionable and practiced between sessions.

On a more personal level, I use my Buddhist principles and Hawaiian teachings to inform my approach to therapy. It’s my belief that healing may not be so much about getting better, as it is about letting go of everything that isn’t you - all the expectations - all the beliefs- and becoming who you are.

I have an adjunct office in the healing arts center at Kula Yoga Shala located at 400 Toney Penna Drive in Jupiter, Florida as well as my main practice located at 900 South U.S. Highway 1, Suite 101 also in Jupiter, Florida.

To begin the healing process, please reach out, I would love to explore working together. I can be reached for a free 30-minute consultation at 561-260-3617 or email me at  

Psychotherapy in Jupiter Florida for Children, Adolescents and Adults

We will help you with your problems. We are here for you. Call for an appointment at 561-260-3617


If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one having an addiction, contact Brent Berman, LCSW a therapist in Jupiter, Florida as soon as possible.


Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

You may need to seek help for you and your loved one to resolve complex relationship issues. Contact Brent Berman, LCSW a therapist in Jupiter, Fl.


Trauma (PTSD)


If you have endured a painful, violent, or dangerous situation, you may warrant treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).



Ho'oponopono Workshop

Ho'oponopono is about complete freedom from the past.


How to start your day off right

In my practice I focus on solutions. One of the best things we can do to improve our well being is to have a routine focused on positivity and progress. Click the button to read about 5 things you can do in the morning to be happier and thrive.

Brent Berman Psychotherapist, Jupiter, FL
Brent Berman Psychotherapist, Jupiter, FL
(561) 260-3617
Relationships are a central part of life and when problems arise in your relationships everything can feel out of sync. You may need to seek help for you and your loved one to resolve complex relationship issues.
Contact Brent Berman, LCSW
Contact Brent Berman, LCSW
Jupiter, Fl.

Sometimes we feel life keeps handing us lemons and we want to give up. This can be an opportunity to change our perspective and grow.

Brent Berman Psychotherapist, Jupiter, FL
Brent Berman Psychotherapist, Jupiter, FL
(561) 260-3617